In life, people become warmer and closer because of trust. Trust is like a ray of sunshine, allowing each other to be honest without hiding themselves. Trust is based on mutual understanding. True trust is mutual communication. Trust is like a door that can only be opened from the outside, and it can only be trusted by others.

At work, as a salesperson, it is warmer and happier to be trusted by customers, because customers no longer think that you care about them because of commissions, but are really recommending suitable products for them. Gratitude in the heart, service in the line, transaction is only the starting point, service has no end, and being trusted is a kind of happiness. Along the way, how many have changed from strangers to customers, from customers to friends, we chose sincerity, and they chose trust. Customers choose our products, never because of low prices, but because of recognition. Every time you place an order, it is because of trust. Do the most stable quality, and the most considerate service.

Luckily, I have met many clients at work who trust me, like friends who meet on a blind date. Be curious about each other, understand each other, and finally confirm the relationship.

Today I am writing about a Brazilian client Isamel, a beautiful lady.

She found me through the website and asked me about our best-selling hair removal machine. Because of the time difference, it took about three days to communicate all the details intermittently. The customer said that he liked our machine very much, and I praised her for her good vision. , but after two days, she told me that she contacted other suppliers, and the price was much lower for the same machine. Although a little lost, I can understand her, thank her for her candid notification, and help her analyze the machines she has seen. The result is that the casing is similar to ours, but the configuration,after-sales service and the strength of the company are far inferior to us. After nearly a week of communication, the customer has a comprehensive understanding of our machine from a machine novice, and thus has great confidence in our company’s products.

Payments are made after the client has funds ready.

To my surprise, after about two months, the client told me she was going to introduce me to a Guatemalan friend to buy our tattoo removal machine.Because she was so happy with our machine, she couldn’t help showing off to a friend that she had bought a good one.

With Isamel’s foreshadowing, new customers quickly placed orders, because it was recommended by her friends and also because of trust.



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