As we all known, changing careers is much difficult.

In this post, we will share a real case study: how we helped one of our customers from one beautician to be one sales master?

Our customer: Megi, Famous Retailer in the Georgia.

Vendor: Shandong EXFU Electronic Company, Famous Manufacturer in China.


Important Note:  

On the beginning, she purchase 1 set use in salon on 2019 year.

After 3 months, she find us purchase more and more!!

So Amazing!!

Just because her customers are very satisfied with the treatment results!

And Georgia is one big hair removal market.


For now, we have already cooperated over 4 years,

And she sold about 500 sets machines!!

What was your first reaction when you see the title: The beautician successfully counterattacks the sales master?

Unbelievable?Crazy? A scam?

It is real.


Let’s find some pieces of evidence from Online Customers feedback.

Step 1: Find a GOOD supplier- Direct factory would be great.

1.Rich experience- We are over 15 years factory, and focus on diode laser more than 9 years.

2.Audits passed-Very Important – FDA,ISO,CE,BV

3.Have a design or Samples team

4.Mass production time- 5 days

5.Best Price- Fair price with decent quality

6.Experience with big brands and giant retailers.


Tips: Try not to find the best supplier. You can never find the BEST supplier. But, you can find a great supplier that is suitable for your supply chain.

Step 2:  Confirm the Models- The most important STEP

Also we can customized new model according to the customers’ need.

Step 3: Sign the contract with your vendor and pay 30% of the order.

Signing the contract with your vendor is vital. A good contract can be beneficial to you and your vendor.  Usually, you pay 30% of the order, if your order is $10000, you need to pay $3000 first, and you pay the rest when all the items ready.

Step 3: Massive production time- Follow up.

If you did a great job in step 5, Step 6 will a lot easier. As I know, mistakes are much less when we do massive production.

TIPS: After tested machine well, then we will send all of the pictures and video for checking first.

If everything is ok, then packing them well.


We packing it with Alumnium box, with foam inside, 100% make sure machine safety.

Step 5. Balance Payment

After finished, if all is good, you pay the rest of the money according to the Contract.

Step 6. Ship all the machines.



I really hope you guys can get inspiration from this post.

From a campaign idea to a successful promotion, there is a lot of hard work to do done.

But it is not that Hard.

All you have to do is have a crazy idea, a good supplier and a creative promotion.

I really hope to hear from you guys.

How you guys make your laser machines? Or, did you learn something from this post?

Tell me in the comment section below.



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