EXFU Hight Power Diode Laser Hair Removal Machine ICELLO

EXFU Hight Power Diode Laser Hair Removal Machine ICELLO

Diode Laser Hair Removal Machine Model number:EXFU ICELLO
Wavelength:808nm or 755+808+1064nm Screen Size:14 Inch 4K Style Touch Screen
Lifetime:40 million shots Pulse duration:10-300ms
Laser strip:120w for each, America coherent laser bar Frequency:1-10hz
Spot size:12x24mm or 12x36mm spot size Energy:1-150J
Cooling system:Compressor+ water circuit Power of the Machine:3500W
Tension:AC110V 60HZ/AC220V 50HZ Machine size:480mm*400mm*1300mm
Package:Aluminium box Service guarantee:lifetime warranty


Through the scientific design of diode laser handle, the high-energy laser beam instantly penetrates the skin and reaches the hair follicle during treatment, output light is absorbed by melanin in the hair follicle, so destroying the hair follicle and reach permanent hair removal. The laser pulse width is set shorter than the time that human body’s feeling time , a single shot of light is over, but the human body feel painless, then could achieve the painless treatment feeling, to improve the customer’s comfortable experience.Best commercial laser hair removal machine.
1.Pain-free.The tip of handpiece cools down to -32C°,makes treatment comfortable andeffective
2.Early treatment results.2-3 treatment sessions can show permanent results
3.Virtually pain-free contacted with sapphire incomparable comfortable,and safety



ROHS & Medical CE Certified Machine

3 in 1 – Three Laser Technologies in one machine
✔ Alexandrit
e, diode and Nd:YAG lasers – treats all skin types
Easy to operate
✔ Online training available
50 Million shots per handpiece!

Handle display
755/808/1064nm laser hair removal machine price.
>>808 single wave or 755nm/808nm/1064nm perfect triple wavelengths
>>America Imported Emitter, strong energy
>>10/12 piecs or 16 pieces Germany Dilas original laser bars,1200W/1800W power is capable to meet all demands of hair removal on the whole body
>>1-10Hz fast frequency and 15x25mm spot size ensures faster, smooth and effective treatment
>>Super sapphire touch cooling system ensures painless and comfortable treatment
>> Italy imported stainless water pump, it can keep machine working long time without stop. Make sure the heat were removed very quickly
>>Double filters to keep water quality
>>Compressor cooling+ Air Cooling + Water Cooling+Semiconductor cooling,keep water temperature -32℃ all the time

MLKJ LASER Breakthrough technology, the operating noise is very low, under 60 decibels.


Facial Tip Improved Reach
Easily treat areas that are normally hard to reach, including the ears, nostrils and glabella.


14-inch 4K screen, smart touch experience

* 6 skin styles to choose from
* Easy to operate providing operation skills/teaching services
* Free logo and language can be customized on the screen


Manufacturer of beauty instruments for 15 years, have certificates FDA, CE ,ISO13485.
We are committed to making your beauty business easier!
Welcome to contact us for more cooperation solutions!


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Diode Laser Manufacturers Medical diode laser ice titanium double handle laser hair removal machine for permanent painless hair removal
EXFU Hight Power Diode Laser Hair Removal Machine ICELLO
4in1 Multifunctional Diode laser+Elight IPL+Nd yag+Rf V17 
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