Gold microneedles, also known as gold radio frequency microneedles, is an invasive radio frequency dot matrix technology. Its principle is to combine micro-invasive technology of microneedles and radio frequency wave technology, and use gold-plated tiny microneedles to Pierce the deep skin instantaneously, directly release radio frequency energy from the tip of gold microneedles, promote the effective denaturation and reorganization of proteins, and stimulate the regeneration of collagen. By acting on the target tissue of different depths, it can eliminate acne marks, remove wrinkles, tighten and lift, and shrink pores

Gold microneedle indication

It is mainly used for facial rejuvenation, facial tightening and enhancement, and the treatment of various acne anti-acne marks.
➢ Facial relaxation
➢ Wrinkles: crow’s feet, head, law, neck; Stretch marks; Radiofrequency energy stimulates collagen in the dermis of the skin, promoting collagen regeneration and eliminating wrinkles
➢ Tender skin: thick pores, dull skin
➢ Scars: acne scars, burn scars
➢ Active acne
➢ Skin Regular skin maintenance
➢ Rosacea



Therapeutic advantages of gold microneedles

1. One-stop solution to a variety of skin problems;
2. The effect of one treatment is exact;
3. Lasting effect, high satisfaction;
4. There is no downtime after treatment, which does not affect daily work and life.


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