MLKJ launches handheld mini picosecond nd yag beauty machine



Nd: YAG picosecond laser is an innovative dual-wavelength picosecond laser. Its unique holographic pixel picosecond technology can create a double effect on the skin; For benign pigmented lesions, no heat damage, physical breakage of melanin, low damage to surrounding intact tissues, away from the risk of anti-black, and can start dermal collagen regeneration from the inside out; It can be used to remove a variety of tattoos, the number of treatments is greatly reduced compared with traditional lasers, and it is a sharp tool for removing difficult tattoos.


Nd: YAG picosecond laser therapy instrument principle
The system has two wavelengths, and the laser radiation is selectively absorbed by the target pigment with little effect on the surrounding tissue. By carefully selecting the wavelength, the maximum absorption of the target is achieved and the absorption of surrounding skin structures is minimized. In addition, the laser pulse duration is controlled to be equal to or shorter than the thermal relaxation time of the target to minimize the heat transfer to the surrounding tissues. Dual wavelength can remove multi-colored tattoos, refractory tattoos and benign pigmented lesions on various skin types.

Nd: YAG picosecond laser therapy instrument applicable items
Laser removal of red blood, laser freckle, picosecond laser, laser tattoo, eyebrow wash, wash eyeliner and so on.

Nd: YAG picosecond laser therapy instrument advantages
1. Dual-wavelength laser equipment for the treatment of dermal and epidermal pigmented lesions;
2. Low energy, low risk of side effects;
3. Dark and light skin color, safe and not easy to turn black;
4. The therapeutic effect has multiple features of maintaining tender skin;
5. Short recovery period, you can quickly return to normal work and rest, mild and non-irritating, suitable for sensitive skin, the number of treatment sessions is less than traditional laser.



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